Technik + Architektur

Lucerne University
Book and Identity for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Engineering and Architecture (Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur), which celebrated the 50th anniversary.


Edited by Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur

Hardcover, 352 pages, 165 x 245 mm

Language: German

Art Direction/Design: Cybu Richli, Fabienne Burri

Photography: Joël Tettamanti, Isabel Truniger, Otto Pfeiffer, Baume

Illustration: Aurel Märki

Print: Offset, Screen printing

ISBN 978-3-033-01601-9



F4 (895 x 1280 mm)

Print: Digital


The jury's verdict The Most Beautiful Swiss Books:
«Commemorative publications are subject to numerous conventions which are often restrictive to their design. In this case, the designers, who know their job and are not overly obtrusive, make an impression by taking several intelligent decisions. Firstly, the typesetting has been executed with unusual care. Secondly, the relationship of text to images is clearly structured. The image sequences inserted as miniatures into the continuous text innovatively link the text and picture sections, without competing with other images used in the text section. Thirdly, the efficient use of red to highlight parts of the text helps one navigate the book more easily.»
Jury: Cornel Windlin (CH), Piär Amrein (CH), Lars Müller (CH), Paul Neale (UK), Linda van Deursen (NL)

Editorial Design